International Noise Awareness Day 2017



International Noise Awareness Day 2017
Free information and advice on the NSG and the NAG
April 26the is the International Noise Awareness Day 2017. Worldwide actions will be organized to raise public awareness of the dangers of excessive and unwanted noise.
On this day the Dutch Noise abatement Society (NSG) and Dutch Acoustical Society (NAG) offers to give to individuals free of charge information and advice on preventing and solving their noise problems.
On a daily basis, the NSG receives a lot of questions about noise and gives advice and information to individuals on topics as noise from the neighbour, from recreational activities, from traffic etc..… The NSG accumulates experience in noise control, publishes guidelines and raises awareness of the negative effects of noise nuisance with the public and with the politics.
For noise awareness activities this time NSG, cooperates with the NAG. So there will be more knowledge available for the advices.
During international Noise Awareness Day, the staff and volunteers of the NSG and the NAG will be available by telephone (+31 15 301 02 35)  and e-mail ( (Facebook and Twitter) to respond to questions of to provide free information and advice. If it is necessary, in a limited number of events, they will even come to observe the situation on-site.
The public may pose a questions about:
• Old-flats and thumping floors
• Improving home
• The café on the corner that until two o’clock at night still makes noise
• Road traffic nuisance and the effect of barriers
• Events and loud thumping music
• The canteen of the sports club with celebrations and parties
• tapping noise from the apartment above and potential to improve with acoustic underlay
• Making their own noise barriers in the garden
• How to control the sound of  music instruments (often piano and percussion)
• What rights have civilians on a quiet neighbourhood and what obligations must authorities follow
• In the broad sense: noise pollution and how to combat it
Gijsjan van Blokland
President NAG
Erik Roelofsen
Managing director NSG
Secretary NAG